Embracing Artificial Intelligence for Digital Transformation

Unlock the pearls of wisdom hiding in your organization’s ocean of data. AI is a tool to be used, not an entire solution.  Learn how to drive innovation and organization agility by focusing machines on what they do well, so that your people can focus on what they do well. 

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  • Top 50 Privacy Thought Leaders 2021
  • Top 50 Health & Safety Thought Leaders 2020, 2021, & 2022
  • SWE 2017 Women Engineers You Should Know
  • Top 100 Human Trafficking and Slavery Influence Leaders

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Lisa Thee leads Launch Consulting’s Data for Good practice, helping the world’s most innovative healthcare, and global technology companies to improve digital safety, anti-toxicity, and apply AI/machine learning for innovation. As an entrepreneur was the CEO and Co-Founder of Minor Guard, AI software company focused on making children safer online and in real life, and recently gave a TED Talk entitled “Bringing Light to Dark Places Online: Disrupting Human Trafficking using AI.” She is the Co-Author of Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise and host of the Navigating Forward podcast.

Lisa also currently serves as an advisory board member for Engineered Medical Solutions, Humaxa, Spectrum Labs, and Marketplace Risk. She is a Board of Director’s member for 3 Strands Global Foundation, a Human Trafficking prevention and reintegration focused organization. She has been named to the 2021 Top Health and Safety Thought Leaders and Women in Business you should follow lists by Thinkers 360, and as one of the Top 100 Human Trafficking & Slavery Influence Leaders Globally.