Bringing Light to Dark Places Online

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“Handing your child a smartphone is like dropping them off in the most dangerous city in the world and walking away."
John Clark
CEO, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)

How to Set Up Your Child's Phone for Safety

Here’s how to set up your child’s phone to keep them as safe as possible from online predators.

And so that you know they’re not doing anything they’re not supposed to.

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Resources, Support, & Education

Report Human Trafficking

See something? Say something. Someone could be in danger. 

Report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Report CSAM Content

Anonymously and confidently report criminal content.

Report it to the Internet Watch Foundation.

Human Trafficking Hotline

Call the hotline or text “BEFREE” to 233733.

Get crisis help and support from the Polaris Project.

Community Training

3Strands Global Foundation provides a free 30-minute training in identifying and preventing human trafficking.

Recommended Partners

Cell Phone for Ages 9+

Use Code: LisaP30

I recommend Gabb Wireless as a great solution to providing kids a cell phone without the digital dangers of the internet or social media.

Social Media Monitoring Tool

Use Code: Thee30

Bark’s affordable, award-winning dashboard proactively monitors text messages, YouTube, emails, and 30+ different social networks for potential safety concerns, so busy parents can save time and gain peace of mind.